This Centre was created in 1965 when, by Order of the Minister of Agriculture of 30 October 1965, the establishment of an Agricultural Training School in MOLINA DE SEGURA (Murcia) was approved. After the administrative procedures for the transfer of the land by the Town Council of Molina de Segura and the construction works, the Centre was already available in 1970 and some short-term training activities were planned for that time. However, it was not until 1971 that this centre began its regulated vocational training activities.

Since the beginning of its activities, the Centre has always been closely related to the Professional Area of Vegetable Canning, training and qualifying many of the professionals who today work in important companies throughout the Region of Murcia and the rest of Spain. Initially, the professionals trained were Canning Foremen, and later on, the Second Grade Vocational Training in the speciality of Vegetable Canning was introduced, and for long periods of its history, the Centre acquired the name of School of Vegetable Canning.


In 1996, after a thorough remodelling of the Centre and it was transferred from the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheriesto the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia., specific Vocational Training courses have been re-established, developing, up to the present time, various Intermediate and Higher Level Training Cycles in the Professional Families of Food Industries and the Environment, opening up their specialisation to other important agri-food subsectors in this Region, such as the meat, dairy, olive oil, fish and confectionery sectors, among others. From that year until 2001, the Centre was called the Centre for Agricultural Training and Experiences (Centre for Agricultural Training and Experiences). In 2001, in order to adapt its name to the reality of the activities it carried out, it changed its name to the current Integrated Centre for Agricultural Training and Experience (CIFEA).


In 2015 and after a long period of qualification and creation, by Royal Decree 871/2015, of 2 October, the CIFEA of Molina de Segura created the National Reference Centre in the professional area Vegetable Preserves of the professional family of Food Industries (BOE 13/10/2015).. The Social Council of this CRN was constituted on 12 January 2016 and the first Annual Work Plan was developed between 2018 and 2019.